New Member Announcement

DEC welcomes Bluenergy Solarwind
April 27, 2016

Bluenergy Solarwind is the newest member of the growing network of Decentralised Energy Canada members.

“Bluenergy Solarwind, Inc. (“BSW”) is a renewable energy company with patented solar and wind generation technologies. We design, develop, and sell on-site distributed energy systems. These systems combine intelligent generation and digital controls with innovative finance, to create distributed generation using clean-tech fossil fuel alternatives.

BSW’s integrated modular systems are custom-configured for end users, who realise high reliability plus low, predictable fixed costs and substantial reductions in carbon emissions down to or below zero. The proprietary technologies are configurable to each energy end-user’s unique applications, site conditions and varying climates, emphasizing a high degree of aesthetics with the ability to be permitted in urban, rural and island communities.

Our vision is seamlessly integrating renewables and traditional energy with world-class energy engineering, digital intelligence and aesthetics to create significant value for customers, stimulate local economies and protect the environment. Our investors enjoy recurring long-term revenue and profits from a naturally scalable, sustainable business with global potential.”

“BSW is proud to be the newest member of DEC. We joined because we see the dynamic value of working with DEC’s high calibre network of aligned interests in Canada’s rapidly changing energy landscape. Renewables are a rapidly growing and valuable component in the energy supply mix, and this is giving rise to formidable challenges to integrate as well as fascinating opportunities to innovate.”
Joel Goldblatt, President/CEO, Bluenergy Solarwind, Inc.

BSW’s hybrid microgrid solutions combine standard off-the-shelf components with game-changing innovation, yielding extraordinary reliability and financial performance with responsible levels of environmental, social and supply chain impact. We are excited and keen to align our contributions with other DEC members to accomplish what renewable energy pioneers only imagined.”

Contact Information:

Joel C. Goldblatt, CEO
Tel: (575) 770-5110

Robert N. Nicolay, Chief Operating Officer
Tel: (403) 607-2540


Renewable Energy – Products, Services & Microgrid Project Development