Core Program

Innovation to Commercialisation Program (I2CP)

The I2CP is our signature accelerator program designed to:

  • Accelerate the deployment of Decentralised Energy (DE)
  • Reduce the risks associated with implementation
  • Optimise the return-on-investment for our Client(s)

Any DE technology supplier, service provider or end-user with a DE Project or DE Opportunity may qualify for I2CP Services if your DE Project or Opportunity addresses challenges associated with one or more of the following:

  • Fuel production and/or procurement technology intended to supportdecentralised energy generation systems (e.g., biofuels, hydrogen, waste streams etc.);
  • On-site energy generation for residential, commercial or industrial applications (i.e., district energy, distributed power and remote/off-grid energy systems);
  • Energy management technology, including voltage stability, metering, storage and emissions monitoring (e.g., micro-grids, energy storage, emission offsets);
  • Energy intensive consumers.

I2CP Services

The services offered in the I2CP are contracted as fee-for-service. Members of DEC are offered these services at discounted rates.

Category and Services Estimated Delivery Time
Prescreening and Qualification of Client and Opportunity
  • Opportunity Identification, Prioritisation and Verification
  • Qualification of Technology Suppliers
  • Review Existing Material Relevant to Opportunity (Supplied by Client)
  • Opportunity Suitability and Readiness Score Card
2-4 weeks (depending on complexity of opportunity and access to relevant background material)
Technology and Project Evaluations
  • Supply Chain Development and Evaluation
  • Technical Options Analysis
  • Technical, Environmental and Financial Evaluations (e.g., RETScreen, Process Optimisation etc.)
  • Independent Technical Review
  • Return on Investment Optimisation
4-8 weeks (depending on size and complexity of technology and project)
In-House Training
  • Business Capabilities Assessment and Strengthening
  • In-House Training for Technology and Project Evaluations
  • To learn more about our Training Modules click here.
4-6 weeks
Project Enablement Service for Technology Deployment
  • Organise the Project Enablement Session
  • Work with the Client to Secure the Right Session Participants
  • Presentation Review and Coaching Prior to Session
  • Facilitate the Session, so Participants can Engage in Constructive Dialogue
  • Provide a Follow-Up Report after - a Record of Key Discussions and Follow-Up Actions
  • Brokered Introductions to Potential Partners/Suppliers
  • Project Implementation Support
  • Post-Installation Monitoring & Promotion
6-8 weeks per session
Investment and Funding Attraction
  • Organise and Facilitate Investor Engagement Session
  • Corporate Financial Strategies
  • Project Financing Models
  • Grant Funding Applications
  • Independent Financial Plan Review
  • Facilitation of Securing Private Financing
Minimum 4-6 weeks (depending on size and complexity of funding opportunity)

a) Fees exclude associated travel, accommodation and other approved expenses.
b) DEC members receive discounts on I2CP Services. Discounts vary depending on membership category. Please contact your DEC representative for more details.

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