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Access to Capital

Event Highlights

By Michael W. Palmer, VP Business Development & Investor Engagement

Decentralised Energy Canada’s first “Access to Capital Event (A2C)” was an overwhelming success with over 95 in attendance at the Ranchman’s Club in Calgary on February 11th. We would like to thank our event sponsors, Capital Power, VA Angels and our venue sponsor, Bob Mick of WalAm Energy. Thank you for your excellent support!
“It was an excellent event - the best speakers, the best panel, the Alberta Minister of Energy as keynote - lots of people attending, good opportunity to network - a very enjoyable and energising event.”
Eileen Ashmore, President, Strategic Timelines Inc.
Our cast of esteemed speakers, presenters and panelists representing private industry, Decentralised Energy Canada members, Government funding groups, private & venture capitalists, business mentors/coaches, incubators and global consulting groups offered some very compelling insight, advice and suggestions for all entrepreneurs, CEOs and business leaders in attendance. They offered excellent advice in how to properly structure the investor optics in order to succeed.
We achieved our goals, objectives and take-home value; which was certainly backed by our well-respected presenters, panelists and moderator. The gates are definitely open to acquire private capital or debt-like instruments including Provincial and Federal Government funding support for strong Management Teams that have a keen pedigree to succeed and execute who have also invented and designed innovative solutions and platforms especially for the large market potential presented in the global marketplace.
“I found the A2C event exceptionally well-run, informative and appreciated how different the two sessions were. I thought the less formal panel discussions in the afternoon perked up the room in fact. Each of the panelists pointed comments that were valuable to those of us attending.”
Bernadette Geronazzo, Director of Public Relations, Blackline GPS Corp

Another astute piece of advice that was stated over and over again by our industry experts - “It would be very wise to hire a well-respected capital advisor, consultant and coach right from the beginning before you come searching for private capital and equity”!

We wrapped up our very successful afternoon with our keynote speaker, the Honourable Diana McQueen, Alberta’s new Energy Minister.

We all walked away with a strong sense of satisfaction that she and her Government will be strong supporters (both intellectually and financially) of the Decentralised Energy, Renewables and Clean Energy Industry especially when it comes to dynamic teams with innovative energy solutions.

We would also like to thank our members, Sky Hunter, WastAway and Eugana Technologies for presenting their company’s innovative products at our member’s showcase. Thank you for everyone who attended and truly helped make this event a great success!

We look forward to seeing you at our future events including our 2nd annual A2C event in 2015. Thank you for your support and trust in our organisation.
All speakers, presentations, panel session, organization and venue were excellent. Congratulations! Marlene Huerta, Alberta Inter-Jurisdictional Partnerships Manager, AITF


Promising Trends in Intellectual Property
France Cote
Chair, Decentralised Energy Canada

The Transformation of Investor Business Models
Henry Kutarna
Executive Director, Alberta Deal Generator

Export Development Canada’s Financial & Risk Management Solutions
Anne-Marie Simoneau
Managing Director, EDC

Alberta Emission Offset Program
Chelsea Thomson
Environmental Market Specialist, Capital Power

The Road to Commercialisation
Brent Harris
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, Eguana Technologies Inc.


“Challenging the Status Quo to Raise Capital”

Randy Thompson
CEO and Founder, VA Angels

Brent Buhler
Managing Director, Cambio Merchant Capital
(Debt Financial Group)

Ross Bricker
Managing Partner, Optimum Technology Fund & Partner Fund Investments, Lighthouse Equity Partners

Mark George
Director, Business Development - Energy Sector, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Sandi K. Gilbert
Founder, SeedUps Canada, COO, ECN - The Exempt Capital Network


Silver Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Facility Host Sponsor

Bob Mick, WalAm Energy Inc.