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DEC Welcomes Energy Futures Lab
May 30th, 2016

Decentralised Energy Canada welcomes the Energy Futures Lab (EFL). The newest addition toour growing network of Decentralised Energy Canada members.

The EFL was convened by the Natural Step Canada, Suncor, Pembina Institute and the Peter Lougheed Leadership Institute because how we tackle the interconnected issues of climate change, energy security and sustainable development today is key to Alberta’s future prosperity. The issues are so complex that addressing them is not possible unless we are working across traditional organisational and sectoral boundaries. Underlying this collaboration is a shared conviction that Alberta’s strengths and assets in today’s energy system can serve as a platform for innovation and leadership in the transition to the energy system that the future requires of us.

The Energy Futures Lab is proud to be a member of DEC. We joined this network because we believe collaboration and diverse solutions are imperative to developing a resilient, sustainable future. Decentralised Energy Canada is about innovative technology, new partnerships, energy efficiency, and community empowerment—all of which are vital to EFL’s vision. Our team has been collaborating with DEC through the Energy Futures Lab and we are excited to formally be part of DEC’s community and work.”
Chad Park, Lab Director

The EFL brings together a cohort of leaders (i.e., Energy Futures Lab Fellows) and we support them in working together both to align and amplify existing efforts and to generate new opportunities to test and scale initiatives. Ultimately, the Energy Futures Lab will engage thousands of individuals and dozens of organisations across the province and beyond.

The EFL Fellows represent a diversity of views. Fellows come from government, the energy sector, First Nations groups and environmental organisations.The Energy Futures Lab brings together teams of thought leaders, innovators and influencers to guide a social process design for transforming Alberta’s energy system.

The EFL has committed to a multi-year collaborative effort to co-create a new, shared narrative about Alberta’s energy system. I am confident that the diversity and leadership in the EFL will have direct positive impacts on Alberta’s changing energy economy and that the benefits will be felt throughout the province.”
Anouk Kendall, President, DEC

Low Carbon Economy, Energy Security and Sustainable Development

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