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DEC Board of Directors Proud to Announce its President, Anouk Kendall, as Energy Futures Lab Fellow
March 23, 2016

“There is a misperception that Alberta is not doing anything in sustainability, renewables, or innovations in energy infrastructure. This is not true at all. We have world-class innovators in Alberta. We already have the skills and expertise to pivot and to change our economy.”
– Anouk Kendall

Decentralised Energy Canadais proud to announce the selection of Anouk Kendall to the Energy Futures Lab Fellowship. EFL is designed to accelerate the development of a “fit for the future” energy system with co-ordinated action across a broad range of organisations. Success will take the form of tangible breakthrough outcomes that support transition toward a more sustainable and resilient energy system.

To this end a cohort of leaders have been assembled: the Energy Futures Lab Fellows. They will work together both to align and amplify existing efforts and to generate new opportunities to test and scale initiatives. Ultimately, the EFL will engage thousands of individuals and dozens of organisations across the province and beyond.

One of North America’s leading authorities on decentralized energy and the founding President of Decentralised Energy Canada (DEC), Anouk was selected on the basis of her expertise, and because she is a bridge-builder and an innovator. Click here to learn more about why Anouk is committed to making the Energy Futures Lab a success.

In the words of Jan Buijk, Chief Executive Officer, EPS AB Energy Canada Ltd. “Anouk’s ability to successfully execute an idea is what has made her a strong change enabler in the energy industry. She is a systems thinker with the intuition and vision to comprehend the big picture and she is able to focus her attention to realise her goals. Her positive attitude and creative problem solving skills have been a great asset to building strong, loyal and diverse partnerships.”

Anouk’s career has been driven by an inability to ignore “the inefficiencies of our current energy system, the vulnerability associated with relying on limited energy resources, and the environmental impacts of the current energy production and delivery model.” She applied for the EFL Fellowship because she has a strong vision for Alberta’s potential and future: “Alberta’s current energy leadership position is an asset that can serve as a platform for transitioning to a smarter, more robust and sustainable energy system that will protect energy available and affordability for future generations.”

The Energy Futures Lab is being designed and convened by The Natural Step Canada in collaboration with Suncor Energy Foundation, the Banff Centre, and Pembina Institute.

To learn more about Anouk, EFL, and the other Fellows, please visit and
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Brent Harris
DEC, Chair of the Board