Member Benefits

As a DEC member, you receive:

  • Official representation by DEC through presentations and meetings with government and other industry stakeholders
  • Representation through DEC’s national and international appointments in multi-sector Councils, Consultation Bodies, Protocols and invitation only Roundtables
  • Representation through reciprocal membership held by DEC (e.g., VA Angels, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, APPrO, Biogas Association, CanSIA and more)


  • 25% discount on DEC Service Fees (Innovation to Commercialisation Program, I2CP)
  • Additional discounts when available
  • 25% discount at DEC networking events (e.g., February 2015 Keynote Speaker and Cocktail Session is $80 non-members, $60 members)
  • Periodic program discounts offered by other DEC members
  • Event discounts offered by other DEC members (e.g., 10% discount to become a partner in the Ontario Green Energy Doors Open if you are already participating in the Alberta event)


  • An opportunity for qualified member representatives to participate in committees and on the DEC Board of Directors
  • Invitations to workshops, conferences, keynote presentations and other DEC networking events either as participants or as speakers
  • Marketing and promotion of your company in DEC monthly newsletters and at events (To read our latest Newsletter click here)
  • Opportunities to access international markets through trade commission network (e.g., import/export opportunities and trade missions)


  • Opportunities for media and social media support, information and opportunities.
  • Discounted media services including television, radio, online, and print media (e.g., in 2016 DEC members received 50% discount for television advertising)


  • Free subscription to and inclusion in monthly DEC Newsletter
  • Annual Industry Market Report provided to members at Annual General Meetings

To apply for membership click here.

Once we have received the membership application we will contact you to confirm details.

Our 2017 Membership Fees are listed here.

You can see our full list of members here.