New Member Announcement

DEC Welcomes ReWatt Power
Apr 24th, 2016

Decentralised Energy Canada welcomes ReWatt Power. The newest addition toour growing network of Decentralised Energy Canada members.

ReWatt Power is developing a cost effective, user-friendly platform to enableaccess to services, markets and insightspreviously only available to large utility scale producers for small to medium sized renewable electricity generators, operators, developers and stakeholders. By collecting and mapping data across the electricity system clients will have a cost effective process to analyse and trend generation, consumption, settlement, greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy credits (RECs) targets.

"ReWatt is proud to be a member of DEC.
Partners are critical in the development of our
company and we are very excited to work with
one of the most collaborative energy industry
associations in North America."

Prageet Niber, Co-Founder, ReWatt Power

DEC is looking forward to strengtheningandsupporting ReWatt’soverall business plan. Their product can provide client’s with the following:
    1) Customised client-based data analytics and business intelligence reporting;
    2) Third party verification and validation of generation, consumption and settlement data;
    3) REC management and trading services to access new markets and optimise the return on each REC;
    4) Data-driven customised energy management consulting; and
    5) Simplified and automated permitting processing to assist project development

Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Renewable Energy Credits


Renewable Energy