Through its Innovation to Commercialisation Program (I2CP), Decentralised Energy Canada (DEC) provides customised training modules to Decentralised Energy (DE) stakeholders who want to improve in-house capabilities for evaluating the technical, economic and environmental merits of DE projects. We have the strongest team of DE trainers in Canada and the testimonials reflect the high caliber of trainers and module design.

The objective of this training is to build the capacity of your organisation to implement decentralised energy projects.

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To schedule your training session please contact:
Anouk Kendall
403 210 5374


combined heat and power

“I have over 30 years of gas engine and combined heat and power experience in Europe, Canada and the US. I was impressed with the organisation and delivery of DEC’s multi-day training module. My business is focused on gas engines; I was surprised at how useful this course was in discovering new and innovative ways to integrate complementary DE technologies with my equipment to bring improved technical and economic performance. The trainers are extremely well-prepared, have a solid understanding of the various technologies and subjects presented, and are thorough in their examination of technologies. They were able to answer most of my questions and offered resourceful solutions to challenging questions. There also was an immediate follow up within days after the training to address questions that could not be answered during the training session itself.”

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