New Member Announcement

DEC Welcomes TSGI Corporation
April 5, 2016

Decentralised Energy Canada welcomes TSGI Corporation as the newest addition to our growing network of members.

TSGI is a SR&ED consultancy dedicated exclusively to assisting organisations headquartered or operating in Western Canada to fund their research and development (R&D) activities. TSGI does this by ensuring that its clients receive their full entitlements under the SR&ED tax credit program and also by connecting them with other sources of technology funding. Our cross-disciplinary team of experts achieve superior SR&ED results while minimising the disruption to our client’s core business.

The SR&ED program is the most generous industrial R&D incentive in Canada, distributing roughly $5 billion dollars per year in tax credits to Canadian companies.

TSGI is proud to be a member of DEC. We joined because a significant number of our clients are in the distributed/renewable energy space. It’s a field where many companies need SR&ED support and DEC is an association we need to be a part of.
Graham Smith, President, TSGI Corporation

TSGI is an important addition to DEC’s membership. With a focus on eligible projects, TSGI is helping our members and clients with SR&ED, which must be an essential component of any R&D company’s business plan. TSGI’s extensive experience can help ensure our members and clients receive all the tax benefits to which they are entitled.

The SR&ED program has significantly impacted our business by allowing us to engage additional staff and to refocus our efforts on our research work. This, in turn, has enabled us to achieve first-in-industry capabilities that have enhanced our ability to serve our customers and our competitiveness. TSGI's role in our SR&ED success has been pivotal. As a small firm we could not possibly devote the time and attention to SR&ED that they have been able to, nor do we have the expertise to achieve their results. For us, the SR&ED program is a crucial performance enhancer and outsourcing the management of it to TSGI is the ideal solution.
President, Scientific Services Company

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit


Oil and Gas production, Manufacturing, Biomedical, Information Technology & Communications, Environmental.

Graham Smith
TSGI Corporation